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The Dirty Pond seeks work that is fierce, compelling, and wonderfully weird.  And we’re particularly partial to work that is cross-disciplinary or collaborative in nature.

For literary content (or the literary component of a collaborative product), no word maximums or minimums apply — but shorter pieces have a better chance of being published and we may serialize longer pieces.  We welcome work that evades categorization.   We recommend that you paste your submission(s) in plain text into the body of the e-mail.

Visual content should be in .jpg format.  We would prefer a link to your video work.

Music can be e-mailed in .mp3 format.  However, please bear in mind that music is often guest curated.  If you are a musician who is interested in curating the playlist for an upcoming issue, please e-mail us with a brief cover note.

Please provide a bio or resume with your submission.  We aim to be supportive of our contributors.  We’d like to promote your endeavors here and elsewhere.  We might want to include your work in our pop-up bookstore‘s inventory.  If you’re involved in any upcoming events or other side projects, please let us know about them when you submit.  (Links are also very helpful in this regard.)

The Dirty Pond is archived online and work published there may be featured in quarterly print anthologies. All rights revert to the authors after publication in The Dirty Pond; however, we ask that we be acknowledged if the work is republished elsewhere.

The Dirty Pond publishes every other month.   Issue #7 will publish August 30.  Submissions for issue #7 are due August 15. All submissions and correspondence can be directed to thedirtypond (at) gmail (dot) com.

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