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New Haven Noise | Curated by Kryssi Battalene

(Click on the links to play)

-M; 01 Track 01; Untitled C30, Elm Recordings, 2009

He retrofits, redefines, and redesigns discarded electronics to create folk-tec machines that he manipulates with an exacting control. Hear how this electronic alchemist uses precision and order to create complete fucking chaos.

Roman Wolfe; Beautifying Chaos 1; “V/A Brains on Backwash II Compilation” C94, 905 Tapes

Solo synthesizer project of Donovan Fazzino. A thoughtful arrangement of layered arpeggiated harmonies cradled in blankets of drone. He approaches the music with subtlety and finesse and the result is a dreamy, entrancing melt of beautifying chaos.

Arabian Blade; Side B; Horned Moon C30 Morbid Tapes

Duo project of Christopher Donofrio and Donovan Fazzino. This shit is haunted. A dark, swelling, pulsating serenade with a furious low-end. Prepare for gritty industrial textures and hollow howls approximately 7 minutes in.

Sean Irby; Crudder

Local homemade electronics guru Sean Irby composed this piece using bouncing balls and a C++ program to create minimal sequences structured with complex, phasing rhythms. The sound generated is crisp and textural; its rawness grows until the very end where it turns to dust.

Reviver; Gross Tonnage; “V/A Brains on Backwash Compilation” C92, 905 Tapes

Solo project of Christopher Donofrio. Deeply confrontational and dark it starts patiently and swells into something more aggressive. High frequency hissing and a low end that growls.

Colorguard; Side A; “Shared Planet” C30, Fag Tapes, 2010

Yours truly + 2 turntables, vinyl, shellac, and steel pins. Improvised and raw, it is very hands on approach to making something out of nothing.

Jon Eriksen; Grand Collider; “Penumbra Booming” Split w/ Ultram, Sten Ove Toft, Roggbif (Norway), 2006

In this European release from Swedish transplant Jon Eriksen sound is manipulated into an epic wall of spitting, hissing, and groaning power electronics. It ends with layers of harsh noise eroding away to reveal a blissed-out, blown-out harmonic orchestration that is sonically stunning.

Barnes; 1; Barnes Bunch EP, Self Released 2008

Weirdo music by Michael Jack Patrick Donahue and Nick Grenerud. Must see live. An improvised mash up of sound fragments… sputtering radios, rejected vinyl, found objects, broken everything. Filth concréte.

D. Gookin; The Spirit Link; From Here the Wall of Undoing

Powerful, powerful pop by fellow East Rocker Mike Birnbaum. Best listened to while driving alongside the beach in a white jeep liberty with all your best girlfriends… Or in a horse drawn carriage pulled by unicorns. Ultra-regal glitter jams.

Kryssi Battalene performs and records music as Colorguard.  She’ll be performing February 20 at ArtSpace with current contributor -M and past contributor Paul Theriault. A fart machine is promised.

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