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Victory Meal

by David Larsen


for two beat maggots dining

trash as in angelic trash

would have left a voice mail, but

now we’re on the line, tell us



1   2   3

Mr. Samurai of Free Thought

the iconography all

head tipped forward

head split open

the divine head

the ground rocking

second knowledge to the first

is that still what it looks like

wondered the domestic ant

crawling aloud

who set who set these limits to my world


Well I have been to the world, or

it has been to me, or

part of it has, and

left an echo or a smear, or

I saw two fisherman, one fat one thin

whose lines went taut, and

spirit came aboard and

took me for itself, and

was mistaken

when what was wanted was a caloric meal

of alimentary matter

I’d like another bite please

give me a footprint with the foot still in it

no lower lip out

what’s the matter

don’t want to live in a piece of

gingerbread with me?


Interrupt yourself before you corrupt yourself

and nothing that you want to know can be

who moan at the memory of the slate made filthy

I’m discussing our problem

why don’t I stain the air around us with its name

?O Kabikaj

whose cabbage is paper

whose pediment is its knee

whose corn pops for it now

whose time is a tunnel

between hell no and just plain no

there is a difference

I wouldn’t dream of saying it out loud

I wouldn’t dream of anything if

not for these things



David Larsen laughs and learns just down Chapel Street from Wooster Square.  His favorite lunch cart is the Ixtapa taco truck.

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