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Past Issues

#1: TEETH (10.2009)

Donald Brown, Anelise Chen, David Larsen, Philip Lique, Paul Panamarenko, Katie Yates, Alexis Zanghi chow down.

#2: BLANKS (11.2009)

Ryan Cyr, Patricia Dickson, Derek Leka, Greg Maurer, Christina O’Connor, Brian Francis Slattery fill it in.

#3: GEOGRAPHY (12.2009)

John Bent, Anelise Chen, Mike Dorsey, Nate East, Brick Phillips, Paul Theriault, Misha Volf, Amina Watson, Sam White draw a map.

#4: MAD LIBS (2.2010)

Kryssi Battalene, Josh Jayne, Steven Listro, Christina O’Connor, Jacob Pongratz, Matthew Salyer, Alexis Zanghi keep guessing.

#5: INTERNAL SPACES (4.2010)

Eoin Burke, Stefan Christiansen, Edgar Garcia, Jason Labbe, David Larsen, Ross Menze, and Perry Obee diagram the insides.

NEW! The Dirty Pond: ANTHOLOGY 1 is available for download as a .pdf.  Hand-stitched copies are available on a made-to-order basis as well.  Email thedirtypond (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.

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